Curtains Buying Guide

Do you want your curtains to match your home décor, each room’s mood, and purpose? Do you want to keep the privacy of your home and the coziness of a room at night and a shade from direct morning sun? Bingo!!! Let's look at some considerations and see what you should be thinking about when it comes to your window treatments. Keep scrolling down!

Living room

The living room without drapes is like a night without stars. Its interior can never be cozy because curtains add a sense of elegance and completeness to living areas. Some interior designers give preference to glaring and eye-catching curtains to brighten up a room by adding contrasting bliss. However, some designers recommend pastel colors because they represent neutrality and bring a sense of relaxation to the eyes keeping the living room visually cooler with a subtle glance. 


The curtains in a bedroom are supposed to keep comfort, a relaxing atmosphere, and privacy. If you are the one who likes a little sunshine in the bedroom, sheer curtains seem to be the best choice for you. Sheer curtains let light in your room and also ensure privacy.

What is the difference between curtain headings?

Linen Curtains - Rod Pocket Heading - UAlinen

 Rod pocket. The top of the panel has the “pocket” where you can easily pull the rod. The standard pocket size is 2.8” and it is suitable for the rod till 2”. Choose this style for the places where you do not need to close and open the drapes each day or use tie backs to hold the panels when they are opened. Tiebacks come with each panel in our store.  

Curtains - Tab Top - UALinen

 Tab top heading is a perfect accent for modern farmhouse or rustic room styles. White color panels look fabulous in the Scandinavian interior. It’s very easy to hang and even easier to move, close, and open it as many times as you wish.   

Linen Curtains - Hidden Tabs - UALinen


Hidden tabs or back tabs create a classic look and make accurate folding (similar to the one with eyelets). The Curtain panel top will be perfect for contemporary, modern, or coastal interior. Standard hidden tabs fit the rod up to 2” thick.

Linen Curtains - Top Ties Heading - UAlinen


Top tie curtain panels. Ties are long enough to accommodate even a very thick rod and to tie a nice bow. Usually, they do not add any inches to the curtain length unless they are tied in a relaxed look. Perfect for contemporary or shabby chic interiors, also used to dress four posts canopy beds.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains have a density of 85 gsm and this is the most seen through linen we have. Available in white, off-white, natural, and light grey colors. They are often combined with more heavy-weight panels that are drawn at night. Double rod will allow handing both sheer panels and heavyweight panels.

Cotton lined panels

We usually recommend cotton lining to increase the privacy of the curtains. The linen is sheer and at night with the lights inside the room, the shapes will be seen. Unless the curtains are additionally lined. The cotton we use for lining is 100% cotton of white color.

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