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Alternative to Linen Sheets Sold at Target, Amazon, Parachute, or Brooklinen in 2021

We want the Champagne wine produced in France. We want coffee grown in Ethiopia or Brazil. We want some authenticity in what we buy. Why not purchase linen sheets that were originally made in the area where the linen flax is traditionally cultivated and linen fabric is produced?

Linen fabric historically comes from Eastern (South-Eastern) Europe which makes this area to be the best choice to buy linen sheets and other linens from. The culture and craftsmanship of growing and processing the linen flax in this region have been improved for tens of thousands of years. These are supported by environmental factors that are a unique combination of a natural damp climate and rich soil. Due to these factors, the flax grows long with strong fibers that can be as high as 1 meter. In contrast to the European flax, for example, the linen flax that is grown in North Africa has shorter fiber which is of poorer quality. This is because of the climatic conditions which are dry and hot.

Having regarded the centuries-old history of production linen fabrics and linens which can be considered a sign of excellence of bed sheets made by UALinen, by purchasing linens from UALinen you receive not only the highest quality of linen sheets and bed linen on the market, you also support sustainable production, respect for the environment, social ethics, and excellence in innovation.

Here at UALinen, we deliver home linen essentials that are simple, beautiful, authentic, and qualitative. Looking for new bedding or bed linen but confused by all the different options and styles available? If you are unsure which products are best for you, take some inspiration from our range of bestsellers, and see what other people are purchasing at UALinen. With a great range of bedding, bed linen, curtains and table linens, all at guaranteed low prices, UALinen has something for everyone no matter what your taste, budget, age or lifestyle is. With products from leading brands and a wide range of colours and sizes, our bed linen is hard to beat and our range of bedding includes not only pillows and duvets, but a lot of other bedding linen items.

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