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Buying Guides

Our buying guides will have you set with all the info you need to make the decision to buy bedding, table and kitchen linens, or curtains. They help you plan, buy and design beautiful and convenient interior of your home. While there's a lot to consider, we did our best to get your decision-making covered.

  • Bed Linen Buying Guide - UALinen

    Bed Linen

    Not sure where to start in buying bed linen? Read our designer’s tips on how to pick the color, size, material, bedding finishes, and style including fastenings and pillowcase types.

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  • Table Linens Buying Guide - UALinen

    Table Linens

    Choosing the right linen tablecloth, runner, placemat or handkerchief can be a daunting task. You may hesitate to decide if the table
    linens will suit your dining room decor; how they may impact the meal you're serving; or whether the items you have chosen are worth your investment. We have some tips for you to help...

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  • Curtains Buying Guide - UALinen


    Deciding on what curtains to choose for your home can be ‘a piece of cake’. You just have to answer the questions as follows: What fabric type to choose? What header style will look good in your room? How to take the correct measurements? Take 15 minutes to read our guide. It will help you create your ideal life and sleep environment.

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