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POPULAR BED SHEETS in 2021: Unbiased Review

They say that tastes are different, but trends are obvious. This review relies on the analyses of keyword search queries regarding the fabric used in bedsheets using the Keywords Everywhere browser addon.

Our research was targeting bed sheets made of natural fabric such as cotton, linen, silk, coarse calico, and chintz. The reason for this was the fact that an increasing number of people suffer from allergies to bedding material they use to sleep in. 

The results of the study showed that there has been a rising trend in buying cotton bed sheets, linen bed sheets, and silk linen bedsheets by consumers worldwide. (See Fig.1, Fig. 2, and Fig. 3). The figures below prove that silk bedding has been the leader of the consumers' search queries. However, they are looking for “affordable silk sheets” which implies that silk material is quite expensive.

Popular Sheets 2021 - UALinen Blog Post


Popular Sheets 2021 - UALinen Blog Post
Popular Sheets 2021 - UALinen Blog Post

Interestingly, linen bed sheets were found the second most searched items for their homes. They seemed to be chosen for their hypoallergic properties, incredible breathability, and temperature regulation, and for serving as a great option for all seasons.

Though some blog posts claim that cotton is the most popular sheet material, the statistical data show that cotton bed sheets are searched by consumers less frequently than linen bed sheets. The reason for this can be that cotton bed sheets are often considered by buyers to be the cheaper alternative to linen bed sheets.

The statistics for searches of coarse calico and chintz bedding suggest that these fabrics are of little interest to the buyers which looks surprising as they are quite an affordable option.

So, cotton, linen, silk bed sheets are the most popular choices of consumers globally. Find the best bed linen in our shop.

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